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Baby Shower Gift Ideas For A Coworker

Celebrating a baby long before he or she sees he light of day is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Baby showers, gender revealing parties…they are both equally popular. And while going to a loved one’s or close friend’s baby shower might sound interesting, attending one that is thrown on behalf of a coworker can be a little complicated. Why? Because of the gift of course. Don’t worry though; here are a few of our gift suggestion to help you out.

Clothes for the Child or the mama – clothes are without a doubt the easiest thing to shop for. Not only is it easily available, it is also a gift option that has a wide variety to choose from. If you’re planning on buying clothes for the kid, it’s always a good option to know the baby’s gender ahead of time…and also buy a slightly bigger size as babies grow pretty fast. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, choose a neutral color. Choosing clothes for the mama is a little more complicated; but still makes for great gifts.

Useful baby products – babies need plenty of things. Apart from going through loads of clothes, they also need other things like a great baby bassinet, quality bottles and other feeding products, special chairs, bumpers for the cots…giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Useful maternity products – as cute as baby clothes are, we’ve been told time and time again that people prefer buying things for the expecting mama, rather than a baby who is yet to come. There’s also the fact that baby products tend to be a little on the pricy side; making shopping for your coworker more economical. Whether you buy her a pair of comfy slippers to keep her swollen feet comfortable, or a Medella swing breast pump depends entirely on your budget and closeness to her.

Products for a growing baby – thing with baby showers is that, people tend to only bring thins that are suitable for infants. As a result, your friend’s baby may have plenty of infant toys and clothes; but nothing for a toddler. Remember that babies grow up pretty fast, and even before you realize, the baby that is wriggling around in your friend’s arms will be crawling around her home. Consider opting for a gift that is more suitable or useful for a toddler. Even things that make her home safe for the child help; they wouldn’t have to scramble for it when the child is ready to explore.

Gift cards – we can all but hear your doubt; but hear us out. Gift cards from maternity shops, from baby shops, from furniture shops (for the nursery) and even a massage place can come in useful; far more than you think. Not only will this make it easier on you; it will also give the gift receiver a chance to get something she actually needs and wants when the time comes…