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Parent-Child Relationship And Its Impact

It can be easy to have an idea of any person as they can speak and explain their issues. But it is not that easy to understand the children as they cannot have that ability to speak up or to explain their problems. The mother is the only person who can have the emotional attachment with their children. The touch is the most effective thing that can make the children feel. From the time they begin to walk, and they start doing their things they cry and show anger. They can also play tantrums in fulfilling their desires.

Most of the people do not understand the behavioural changes in their children. They need to have proper observation and analysis so that they can have an idea about their kids. They should know about the details like:

  • Their interest in food
  • Their hobbies
  • Games they would like to play
  • The changes in their behaviours
  • Health issues
  • Allergies
  • And their fast reactions etc.

Nowadays, due to their issues, parents are admitting their children in the day care and other pre-primary schools at the early age. It can be a burden to such children as they need to have sufficient time for sleep and playing at the very young age. Then only they can be able to grow healthy in both the aspects physically and mentally. The physical and mental growths are parallel to each other. They should be able to acquire the knowledge as per their age. It can be the parents who should have the responsibility towards their children. They have to provide all the essentials depending on their requirements. The school is the perfect place for the children to make new friends and to interact with the others of their age. The mentors in the schools can have good experience in dealing with such small age children. They have enough training to handle the pre-primary students.

In the early days, there were no proper sources for the teachers to teach the students. But now different patterns and methods are available through which they can explain various things quickly. Adequately explaining anything is crucial and it can take much time, and teachers need to have the patience to deal with the children below the age of seven years. Mostly they need to have the physical and practical activities rather than academic subjects.

Different types of schools with different academic curriculum are available today. There is no specific syllabus for the kindergarten students. They should learn the necessary things, and the teacher is the only responsible person who can make them sit in the school for few hours without getting them bored. The relationship between the parent and the child can have the greater impact on their behavioural changes and in their mental development.