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Points To Consider When Buying A Bouncy Castle

Meeting up with your friends at a party, family reunion, at birthday events and corporate dinners tend to be a few of those moments where you get to recall the past and have a great time together with your close and loved ones. Also, you get the chance to catch up with friends and discuss about future challenges. But amongst all the fun, adults will need to ensure that they keep their nagging children busy and playful while they are happy discussing and chatting about their life updates. With little ones pulling you from time to time and getting bored at such parties, the best thing you could do is opt for kid’s services such as bouncy castle hire, and turn boring moments to fun moments for children at these parties too. There, you have your problem solved, right away!It does not matter how small or huge your space is, the good part about jumping castles is that they are available in different sizes and can conveniently fit at any given space. Again, it will meet almost every budget as they are available in different price ranges. Since there are so many companies today offering wonderful services, when it comes to this playing equipment, you need to be aware of a few crucial points before hiring one for your upcoming party.

The age of the children attending your party

Are they very young children or toddlers or would there also be teenagers present at the party? Make sure that the ones that you get for toddlers do come with surrounding walls. It should not be extremely low or very tight and compact as this may make the child feel quite stifled and stiff. Everyone should get ample space to freely move rather than children getting hurt and falling on top of each other. For teenagers, this won’t be much of a problem as they will be able to handle themselves. More so the castle could be a little more sophisticated as it would please them.

Theme of the castle

Once you have decided about the age group look out for the theme which would be appropriate. This again would need you to recall the age of the children. If the children are too small then pick up colorful and vivacious cartoon characters. This would be quite catchy and they would all want to enjoy every bit of their time at the party, right here at the jumpy castle. Make sure that you do not put up something that is too scary. Girls would love to have fairy tale characters, such as Snow White’s castle. On the other hand, boys would enjoy having lots of space and some animated character. You could also place a slide to the castle, at one corner.


Safety should be the very vital point here and must be well taken care of. The castle must not have any sort of risky electrical equipment attached to it. The material that it’s made of should be sturdy and strong enough to bear the weight of so many children jumping and bouncing over it. If it ends up deflating, it would create quite an unpleasant scene, which every party host should be careful about.