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The Importance Of Early Development

Like all other animals, humans too pick up their habits and instincts at an early age. We follow the examples of our parents and the elders around us, in addition to their instincts that we have developed as a result of evolution. Living in a civilized society with certain standards, customs and accepted behavior, it is important that we groom the upcoming generations accordingly, starting at an early age so that there is plenty of time for further development and correction as a form of remedy to any unacceptable actions or behavior. 

In our societies, this kind of education and upbringing starts at home and the home culture and environment is directly reflected in the child’s behavior. This is why every home should be suitable for the upbringing of a child, and if found unsuitable, the child will be taken care of by social security services. For example, if a child is found to be in an environment where one or both parents consume large amounts of alcohol which is then followed by forms of domestic abuse, social security services will take the child away as such an environment will have a lasting scar on the child, and could lead to the onset of personality disorders and mental illnesses in the future, and could lead to the child reflecting this negative behavior in his or her life in the future. Children in such predicaments are then put into foster homes in order to encourage a positive atmosphere for development.

Schools and day care centers also contribute largely to Child Care Wynyard, and these institutes and establishments have trained professionals who know exactly how to teach children and help them progress through the different stages of their life.

Child psychologists have also helped greatly to the overall process of child development by sharing their theories and knowledge which will therefore help parents and educationalists further improve their children’s mental, physical and emotional progress.Many companies have also taken it upon themselves to contribute to child development, especially many companies like ELC which manufacture toys which help children to better understand simple concepts while at the same time, acting as a form of enjoyment. In addition to this, there are many books that are manufactured which contain fairytales and popular children’s stories, and current books that are manufactured that also include activities which help children to improve their brain power.Early development is important because it sets the basis on which the child grows, and is the basic healthy foundation needed for all children.